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Did you know that spots on the egg represent what collection your little friend is from?

Just Like Home Microwave Oven Toy Review - Make Play Doh Food - Videos For Kids

I cracked this egg open with a cooking pan which was a lot of fun by itself. So I like to put all the surprise eggs in a little basket and then open it one by one. Is it an animal, is it a lizard?. We challenged ourselves by opening all ten blind bags in different ways! Monkey Hatchimal, can you imagine? Then there was someone from the Fluffy collection. We got it, we have a Hatchimals golden egg! Hatchimals collEGGtibles are cute and adorable magical winged creatures. The idea is sooo simple and I you have ever eaten a Kinder Surprise chocolate you know the thrill! English subtitles are added for your convenience! Sue is opening Poopsie Surprise slime making kits, making friends with unicorns and she is covered in glitter head to toe! We read that many of you, guys, hatch Hatchimals by rubbing them against the carpet. Sue is unrolling Poopsie toilet rolls and making slime from unicorn food! What surprise color animal is inside of these 2 big eggs? When the heart color changes then they are ready to be born. Add some unicorn magic to make the slime change color and shine! Unfortunately, Hatchimals eggs are not edible yet but they are so colorful, bright and easy to play with. This unusual way to open Hatchimal eggs revealed a rare red Chameleon. Hatch as many magical animals as you want! I used a lighter to warm up a little purple heart on the next Hatchimal. Watch the video and see all the Hatchimals I got today and how I got them to hatch.